Saturday, August 17, 2013


Yakiniku Tokuju, Sapporo

Korean Steak & Barbecue
This restaurant specializes in yakiniku, or Korean barbecue.  It serves a selection of meat, seafood and vegetables, which you grill on the table in front of you.  A spicy sauce is provided as dip.  You can enjoy the barbecue comfortably in air conditioned environment during summer without the chocking charcoal smoke.
Prices were very reasonable.  For five adults, we ordered 2 portions of grade 7 wagyu beef steak and beef slices (altogether 1kg), Gengkhis Khan lamb, chicken, salad, starter, soup and rice.  Total cost was only RM800.00.
Savor the pure meat with a pinch of salt only.  Grilled it 3 minutes on each side, and the beef will deliciously melt in your mouth.  As for the lamb, it is tender and sweet because here only uses lamb less than a year old. Not to forget the Hokkaido unpolluted environment and organic feed that contribute to the superb meat.
Yakiniku Tokuju K-place
Kita 34 Higashi 20, Sapporo, Japan 070-0834
+81 11 786 8929
Neighborhood: Higashi-ku
Opening hours: 11am - midnight
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